Affordable and unique EnviroSLAB countertop slabs are custom manufactured with 100% recycled glass and/or porcelain and color-customizable epoxy resin in Raleigh, NC. They can be shipped to all fifty states and internationally.

They are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, or any other countertop application. EnviroSLAB countertops are 1” thick, 27” deep and 84″ long (nominal), and can be cut to size.

A reputable local countertop fabricator will be able to complete the installation. The fabricator/installer will develop a schematic drawing of the finished project with measurements that will determine the number of slabs ordered. The fabricator can easily cut the polished slabs to size and then seam pieces together if necessary. The installer will also measure for and complete sink cut-outs and edge detailing.

Because it is non-porous, EnviroSLAB is highly resistant to common household stains (such as wine, lemon juice, mustard, and vanilla). The slabs can be cleaned easily by applying neutral cleaners and maintained by applying a professional grade marble/granite polish if desired. EnviroSLAB is heat and scratch resistant, but one should always use a cutting board under sharp objects and a heat-proof trivet under hot cookware.

Polished EnviroSLAB countertops are available in 22 standard resin colors. Choosing specialty glass or custom color epoxy resin increases the cost. Requesting a custom size also increases the cost.

Standard Size:

27″ x 84″ x 1″ (cost is material only, shipping and installation is extra).

$50 to $60 square foot: Standard colors of EnviroGlass.
$70 to $80 square foot: EnviroRED, EnviroORANGE, EnviroAMBER, Mother of Pearl (MOP), or custom resin color match.
Contact us for quote: EnviroGlo and/or CLEAR resin.