There are numerous options when it comes to remodeling your homes surfaces, laminate, butcher block, granite or stainless steel to name a few, the possibilities are endless. A new, more environmentally friendly option is recycled glass. EnviroSLAB is a sustainable and durable product made in the USA with recycled glass from soda/beer bottles, condiment containers, crushed marble/porcelain and a variety of other sophisticated, customizable environmentally friendly options. Unlike the previously mentioned options, EnviroSLAB is mold & mildew resistant, non-porous (no sealing), easily cleaned with warm water & a mild detergent, as well as heat resistant. EnviroSLAB is one of the toughest and virtually maintenance free products on the market.


EnviroSLAB is an earth friendly, conscious product that can be easily customized and installed into your home or business.   Since EnviroSLAB is custom ordered for each surface there is little to no waste, as there is with a traditional slab fabrication.  For instance, a standard residential slab, utilized as a kitchen counter or bathroom vanity is 84”x27” (includes enough material to cut a 3” backsplash), the EnviroSLAB process is able to create a slab to those dimensions for installation, eliminating waste.  The EnviroSLAB process also allows for a finished product without traditional size limitations.   Our products are designed with the eco-conscious consumer in mind.


EnviroPLANK is a made in the USA environmentally friendly option, providing not only style, but function in commercial and residential spaces.  Like EnviroSLAB, EnviroPLANK is a durable and easy to maintain surface that can be customized to fit any home or business.

Choosing a recycled glass flooring, such as EnviroPLANK, is smart for several reasons.  The first is that it keeps glass out of the landfill, as well as being stronger and more environmentally friendly than hardwood floorings.  EnviroPLANK can also be made with low or zero VOC epoxy resin for the ultimate earth-friendly flooring.  Another perk of EnviroPLANK is that under-floor heating can be installed for radiant heating during cooler months.


EnviroEXTRAS are eco-friendly products, made in the USA, that are able to be customized for just about anything you can think up.   EnviroEXTRAS offers a wide range of customizable colors, shapes and sizes for dining or conference rooms, stair treads and risers, elevator wall panels, vanity sinks, lobby and bar table tops, as well as wall and door panels.  EnviroEXTRA can also be used as a hearth surround of a fireplace and shower surrounds.  Our 100% recycled glass customizable products can be installed in your home or office anywhere in the United States.